Tramz Hotel


Third Party Management Services

THG Management, an extension of Tramz Hotels Group differentiates itself from other third party management companies based upon the success and growth it has built over a course of 30 years through its owned and self managed portfolio of hotels. Hospitality cyclical nature, multiple economic cycles with deep long recessions and an industry that is undergoing rapid evolution.
Tramz Hotels Group has demonstrated a proven record of sustainability to reinvent and reinvigorate and have built an outstanding team that is equipped to address the challenges that are being posed by the current environment.

Saturation of Brands

Brands are spewing out new names in the market place to continue their expansion and prominence in the market place. These new names lack the brand recognition and still testing waters in the hotel space which has become location and need specific pose a threat to hospitality entrants.

Inundated Markets and Acquisition of Single Assets and Portfolios

In the current environment with the markets inundated with hotel brands with "me too" approach, selection of a single asset or portfolio in mature markets or risking to enter emerging markets and uncharted locations added in the mix with new brand names with no name recognition can make or break a deal if not addressed properly. This will require a granular understanding and incorporation of the overall risk assessment and tailoring a strategy and its execution to avoid mistakes and outcompete rivals.

New Owners Refinancing and Bridge Operational Management Services

For new owners or hotels requiring reposition, short term management services to catalogue and implement procedures can go a long way towards a positive trend. Tramz can facilitate this phase of the business development.